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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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brainwashed. >> embattled councilman resigns. >> it should have been done long before today. >> dominic steps down from city council but continues to defend himself against several sexual harassment claims. >> and massive bust. the giant poppy field uncovered in monterey county. the four on 2 starts now. the fair field father talks about the allegations against him and the spirit quality and the love he has for -- spirit quality and the love he has for his ten children.
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>> henry lee has been following this story for us with more details. >> reporter: heather, christina, john than allen says he is not a -- jonathan allen says he is not a monster. now through tears, jonathan allen says he does not belong behind bars. that neither he nor his wife abused their children. he said the kids are being fed lies. authorities say allen and his wife anna rogers both took part in abusing their children. children were not only burned with scalding water and bruised, but shot by cross bows and bb guns and water boarded as punishment. allen says their household is one of love and that investigators are giving him a bad name. >> they have a normal life.
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like i gave everything to these children. my everything. like thesome people ask how can you do it with all of these kids but the truths is that it's a functioning household. i'm not an animal. i'm not a torturer. and i'm not a monster. >> reporter: i reached out to ina rogers outside of her house today, she did not want to comment. because the da has charged her with seven counts of felony child abuse, the da says they want to increase her bail to $495,000. she is free on bail at the moment. and as far as the father goes, his bail is set at $5 million. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> i listened to that interview and it was very bizarre. he did offer an explanation for the conditions that existed
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inside of his home. can you talk about that? >> reporter: he said as far as the feces that were seen in the bathroom and other rooms, he blamed the german shepard that was in the room for that. and he indicated that even though the kids lived together in one room, they were happy. they wanted to live in one room and he knows that it was a big house. so he has a lot of explanations for what authorities say happened in this house. but whether or not this is for the good will or best benefit for the children remains seen. we'll have more of that interview coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> and he said he was the indiana jones of spirituality. you can head to and see the entire jailhouse interview. henry will have much more coming up at 5:00. saying he can no longer effectively do his job, dominic kayser that accused of sexual misconduct has resigned.
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>> jesse garrett is live. kayser that is also dropping out of the supervisor race. >> reporter: this evening city council members will research the proper procedure for filling his vacant seat on the council. this as the mayor and the council step before the cameras to address the scandal and the man behind it. for making the right decision to resign from office today. >> reporter: unable to force dominic from office, his political peers targeted the long-term incumbent for ethics. but he decided to step down instead. this comes after nine police reports have been filed against him for sexual misconduct. >> i don't think it's enough for him to resign. he has to admit what he he did. >> reporter: lydia says she worked onconase that's campaign to learn more about american
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politics. instead he sexually harassed her during a car ride. there are leaked memos showing complaints of inappropriate high school. >> it's not easy for anyone especially young adults or minors to stand up to people in positions of power. >> and make them unfit for public office. >> reporter: a ground swell of opposition has galvanized with men from multiple agencies in santa clara county gathering at midday calling on other end to end the mistreatment of women in the community. the group wants supervisor candidate also accused of sexual misconduct to withdraw from the race. >> it's absolute time. it should have been done long before today. >> reporter: no one answered the door at dominic's home but he has denied all allegations. last week he told fox 2 his
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quest for the supervisor seat would continue despite the political palout. >> i'm sad this is happening 29 days that this has come out before my election. >> reporter: saying in part,s allegations -- i have resigned my seat on the santa clara city council. something that is against every instinct in my body. i'm suspending my campaign and will no longer actively campaign. >> i don't understand why he sees himself as the victim of a witch hunt. and the victim -- the victims are high school students and college students. >> dominic caserta says moving forward he will work to preserve his family, health and livelihood. he says ultimately his name will be cleared. live outside of santa clara
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city hall this afternoon jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. back to you in oakland. >> thank you. now to breaking news. a california judge has just overturned the state's right to die law. that is california's assisted suicide law that went into effect back in june of 2016. maynard went to oregon so he could legally end her life surrounded by her family. the judge in river side county said the legislature violated the law by passing this law during a special session dedicated to health care issues. the state attorney general has five days to file an appeal to try to keep that law in place. for reaction i'm joined by britney's husband who has become an advocate for medical aid and dying. i know getting this law enacted was a promise you made to britney. you've got to be disappointed.
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>> yeah disappointed in this judge's ruling. but recognizes this type of legislation takes awhile. and i'm very proud that we are able to pass it and because in large part to britney's voice and her story. but i'm confident that we'll go through the appeals process and we'll continue pursuing this so that it will become the law of the land and no one will be able to overturn it or delay it as this current ruling did by this judge. >> dan, i know in the days and all the hard work leading top the passage of this law, you were expecting opposition. are you surprised the opposition has continued all of these months later to get this law invalidated? >> not totally surprised. luckily with 76% of californians supportive, agreeing with britney that a terminally ill individual should have this option at end
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of life, i know i'm in good company. but as far as those that are opposed, the opposition primary comes from the church and i'm catholic. i grew up going to catholic school. i was an alter boy. so i'm well aware of being the opposition that comes from the leadership of the church. but curiously enough, support for medical aid and dying amongst the catholic, the congress gaunts, the people that go to church, that support is 70%. so it's almost nationwide at 70%. it's almost in line with the support we see from the general population. >> at the heart of this ruling is how this law was passed. what do you say to those that say it wasn't passed in the correct manner? >> yes. the argument made by those that oppose, or the plaintiffs in this case, are saying that this should not have gone through the special session. with the special session which
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governor jerry brown opened pertaining to matters of health. which is why we appropriately put it through that special session because this is a matter of health care. end of life care. the opponents would say that what we were trying to do was actually change laws pertaining to assisting a person commit suicide. well, that is not at all what this medical aid and dying is about. medical aid and dying is about allowing a terminally ill individual like my wife britney to have the option to make sure that she can have a gentle dying process. that is certainly health related. and so hopefully through the appeals, we'll see that, that is the message and that is the ruling by the next court that will hear this case and will find that it was indeed appropriate to go through that
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special session. >> all right dan diaz really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. as you just mentioned an appeal is now in the works. >> thank you. california federal judge has struck down oakland's ban on coal shipments through its court. the judge sided with a developer that wants to use a proposed marine terminal to transport coal from utah to asia. the court ruled the city council did not have enough evidence that it would propose a danger. they voted to ban shipments of coal and petroleum coke. a solid derived from oil refinery. questions about the fate of that upcoming singapore president between president trump and kim jong un. why that meeting may soon be off the table. >> san francisco based uber over hauling its image. we'll tell you about the policy images being put in place to make it easier for victims of
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sexual assault and harassment to come through. >> a cloudy, cool day. we'll check in on your current conditions and talk about how long this trend will last.
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a san francisco based uber is hoping to convince riders it's moving in the right direction. the ride sharing company is working to improve safety and transparency by making it easier to report sexual
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misconduct. >> san francisco based uber is up dating its policies to give people more options to pursue claims of sexual misconduct. the ride share company will now allow passengers and drivers to file accusations of rape, sexual assault, or harassment in the courts as opposed to forcing survivors to enter arbitration. uber is also scrapping a policy requiring all sexual misconduct settlements be kept confidential. meaning victims can now go public. customers especially women welcome these changes. >> it's definitely a resource. but yeah, there needs to be regulation. there needs to be accountability for when things do go wrong. >> reporter: dara took over just over eight months ago and he's working hard to change the culture at the tech company. in a statement, uber said quote, together we can make meaningful progress toward ending sexual violence. our commitment to you is when we say we stand for safety, we
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mean it. this policy shift is also an attempt to lure back customers. many of whom have switched to competitor. >> once i found out they were being discriminatory toward women, i was over it. thank goodness we live in an economy where we can choose to put our dollar where is our political beliefs are. i switch to lyft. >> reporter: and uber is taking a broad approach to the issue of safety. just last month the company announced it will start doing criminal background checks on all of its u.s. drivers. >> i think that is serious. i have a daughter that is 30 years old. so do i want her riding with uber? do they check all the drivers, their records? the whole background check. i think that is huge. >> reporter: and as part of this over haul by the end of the year, uber is promising it will start publicly reporting all claims of sexual misconduct, an effort to
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improve transparency and regain the trust of riders. annie sabo ktvu fox 2 news. the changes announced at uber come as the company is the latest to use advertising to try to change consumer sentiment facebook and wells fargo has used advertising to reach customers involving a scandal. joining us now is kit yaro. kit, uber is moving forward in a new assessment. give us your thoughts of their strategy. >> i think it's an excellent strategy to change existing policies into ones that are more consumer friendly. my comment is it's a little bit late. so this is an accident that has happened that they apologized for. this is a user agreement. these are policies.
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none of which benefit consumers and they are changing them now? but really late into the game. so their competition has had bet ever, more consumer centric policies. a more responsive company toward their employees. toward our community. and uber coming in at this hour and saying they are changing things because they are sorry really to me doesn't really rink very true. it seems they are sorry they are losing business. >> what more do you think they should do then? some customers have left. it seems some of the damage to its reputation is already done and appears to be unreparable. >> this is exactly what they can do. the question is whether or not it will be effective. in markets where uber still dominates over lyft, i think it will be effective. i think lift has shown a different space which is a little closer to what consumers love which is a more, a softer, a little bit more human kind of
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personality than uber's corporate all about me personality. and you know, trying to change things, putting out messages saying we are changing. all of that is good. that is exactly what they should be doing from a marketing perspective. but i think sentiments is going to run deep in the hearts of consumers and i'm not sure it will be enough for them. >> and in general terms, other companies have apologized for mistakes in the past. facebook, wells fargo. this is a fairly new approach when it comes to business and customer interaction. >> we have seen a rash of apologies lately. and i think the difference like for example when starbucks apologizes, they are sagathies thing happened. we would like to change in order to make amends. they have taken responsibility for what happened. this to me is very persuadable argument. companies like wells fargo and uber that have policies in
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place, it's not an accident. these are corporate policies in place that don't benefit consumers that hurt consumers. when they say they are sorry, i know consumers hear that with a slightly different ear. >> thank you if ever your time. >> my pleasure. let's turn things over to our meteorologist rosemary orozco and is it ever going to warm up? [ laughter ] >> i think so. we will get to a modest warmup as we get into the second part of the business week, early weekend time frame. more on that coming up in the extended forecasted a little bit from now. let's take a look at what we going on outside of our doors. a little bit overclearing. yesterday was really struggling with the cloud cover. still with a partly cloudy skies but more sunshine out there this afternoon. give you a picture of san francisco and now you can see the golden gate bridge. we have a mix of sun and clouds over the marin headlands. 63-degrees in san francisco. 64 oakland.
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upper 60 north side livermore and san jose. the on shore breeze is still with us and the low clouds. even though they have cleared, many portions of the bay area will. another cool day. 56 degrees. west breeze at 26 miles per hour. once you get inside the ballpark, it's not too breezy. it's usually okay. coming in and out, expect it to be a bit brisk. here's a look at storm tracker 2. a little bit of haze right there off the coastline. it will begin to move back in as we get into the evening hours. checking in on the winds, that on shore breeze has been with us the entire day. right now fairfield reporting 23 sustained and gusting to 30. oakland reporting sustained at 15. the on shore breeze is with us and low clouds on their way back in. here's what we can expect for tomorrow morning. picking up on 3567s of blue --
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picking up on patches of drizzle. as we get into the afternoon, this slowly pulls back and left with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. temperatures will come up just slightly tomorrow and continuing to gradual warmup into the weekend. i'll have a look at the numbers combing up in a little bit. an off day in houston today for the warriors with one win under their belt. what they are hoping to accomplish tomorrow in game two. we'll have a live report coming up from buffalo bayou. >> also giving you a look at tonight's prime time lineup. at 8:00 it's master chef junior. and then that is followed by the series finale of new girl at 9:00. after that it's the 10:00 and 11:00 news.
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those warriors off to a hot start in houston by taking game one by double digits. >> and now the focus is on game two of the series before they head back here to oakland. ktvu joe fonzi following them every step of the way. he is live in houston this afternoon. life on the road is treating the warriors pretty well. >> you know what is fun about an off day? it's pretty routine on game day. they know what to expect. you go to the arena. the color of the paint might change but it's pretty much the same routine. on an off day, you gate little flavor for whats city is all about. right now we're on the banks of
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buffalo bayou in downtown houston. you can imagine nine months ago the water level was much higher. there is still parts of the city that is digging out from the hurricane but this part any way not too much worse for theware. one thing about playoff basketball and that is you can play a very tough emotionally fought game and then less than 12 hours later you are back on the practice floor. that was the case for the warriors today as they went to the houston rocket practice facility at the toyota center. had to work out today. one thing about the warriors and you can always count on this, some of the best players on the team are hardest workers. it was an off night for steph curry by his standards. so who is the guy out there with the longest shooting free throws? steph curry. s warriors last night after a tied game for the first half, steve kerr must have said kevin durant go out there and put
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upshots and clay thompson lit it up. kevin durant is a seven foot tear can drive to the hoop. so good luck stopping him. he scored 37 points last night. complimented 28 by clay thompson. he made a lot of three pointers. the warriors get a win in game one. talk about getting a split when on the road. now the warriors can talk about being greedy. they know there is a lot more work to do. >> we're satisfied. will have a golden opportunity tomorrow. >> every game is a different opportunity. and the score is 0-0. so we have to do what we did game one even better and be more sure. understand they are probably going to make adjustments. hopefully we will be able to adapt to pretty quickly.
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really it comes down to how we respond after the big game one win and how we start the game and try to continue to build momento. >> i'm sure they will come out with a lot of fight. the playoffs. the western conference finals we broke through and got a win. it starts over again tomorrow. >> so you can count on it the warriors will be desperate tomorrow night. another part of the flavor here, part of this plaza is a tribute to the 41st president of the united states. george herbert walker bush. pretty good likeness of the former president who we understand is in better health. a -- if you remember he was in the hospital a few weeks ago after his wife's funeral. we have another location for you guys at 5:00. we will see you then. until then reporting live from houston i'm joe fonzi, back to the studio. >> thank you. stay cool. we know it's hot in texas. >> it is warm here, yes. >> thank you, joe.
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an opium operation hiding in plain sight. where drug agents found this sprawling field capable of producing several pounds of heroin. >> next this second day of violence in the mideast following the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. the un security council met today to discuss the violence at the gaza strip. this comes after israeli forces shot and killed 67 palestinian and killed hundreds and a massive protest in the area.
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>>reporter: it was the deadliest day of cross-border violence since the war. dozens of palestinians killed, thousands more injured. that included an eight-month- old baby girl who died from teargas inhalation. the combination of more than a month at demonstrations aimed at liking the gaza blockage. palestinian leaders say they will not guarantee that things will remain peaceful. >> we want national peaceful resistance, but maybe under the current circumstances we will not be able to keep it peaceful. >>reporter: the israeli response being harshly condemned by the un, accusing them of firing on women, children, and first responders. >> we urge maximum restraint. >>reporter: adding more fuel to the fire mondays opening of the us embassy in jerusalem,
4:33 pm
raising doubts about the future of the president's pieced standing. >> under president trump the united states of america will never compromise the safety and security of the state of israel. >> there are protesters at the border today, but the turnout is low as palestinians develop a general strike. >> as mentioned, this is the second day of the violence. the professor of middle eastern studies at usf joins me now. we know about the american embassy controversy, a stormy addition for relations. how much of a role do you think it is playing now? >> thoroughly it was an element
4:34 pm
that added to the passion of the protest. islam is a multiethnic, multi- faith city. half of it is recognized as being under foreign occupation. every other government until now have their embassy in tel aviv. this was seen as something similar to provocation. the seas on the gaza strip have been going on for quite a few years. now it has been great in terms of the humanitarian crisis. there is a move to have a protest to break the seas moving on to the israeli border. hamas joined and toward the ending. there were some rockthrowing's and the like, but there has been use of large-scale lethal
4:35 pm
force. >> we heard the us ambassador telling the un security council israel acted with restraint. she lay blame on hamas and extremists. do you think that is accurate? >> according to eyewitnesses, rockthrowing and projectiles and the like, at no point where the israeli soldiers under any physical dangers. yet the snipers fired into the crowd. again, we saw the eyewitness accounts that have come down. many of those killed were not the rocks or doing anything particularly threatening. that is why a number of israeli human rights groups have been protesting this israeli action. the united states is virtually alone in defending the israelis. >> i want to move on to the issue of north korea and its announcement that it is canceling high-level discussions with south korea because of
4:36 pm
these ongoing joint military exercises between the south and the us. officials say these drills are practiced for an invasion of the north. they now say they are having second thoughts about next months plan summit between kim jong-un and the president. what do you make of that? >> these military exercises have been going on for years. clearly, they are a practice to try to repel a north korea season the south and that aggression against the north. at the same time, given that north korea has stop their nuclear weapons testing and taken other actions to try to diffuse the situation, they are obviously upset there wasn't reciprocity from the other side in terms of postponing these exercises. whether this is just
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sort of posturing remains to be seen. >> that seems to be the sentiment of thumb that it is posturing on the part of kim jong-un. we will have to see if that meeting happens. professor, thank you so much. a judge of pasadena heard arguments over the daca program. a federal judge blocked the president's move to end the program, calling it arbitrary and capricious. today attorneys tried to convince the circuit court of appeal to throughout that decision. a few dozen protesters gathered in pasadena today, but the decision will be issued in san francisco. most believe the case will wind up before the supreme court. the sacramento mayor and police chief want to invest money and improving public safety. members of two classes were in the audience. the money will be used to hire 250 additional police officers over the next four years.
4:38 pm
there will be funding for new police vehicles and to purchase tasers. >> the increase of our for patrols, we would like to sustain that, increasing the staffing of our burglary and serial crimes unit. support for our healthy streets operation center, which we have seen tremendous progress in addressing the many issues that face our city regarding homelessness. >> the san francisco police department has about 1800 patrol officers. the city's charter says the city should have as much as 1900 offices. the monterey county sheriff's office says it has destroyed a large opium poppy feel, capable of creating pounds of heroin. over the weekend deputies killed the field, eradicating 27,000 growing plants and
4:39 pm
another 16,000 harvested plans. they say the operation was capable of producing 4 pounds of heroin in one year. >> we are going to do everything we can to find out who was growing it? where it came from? and is there any more? lawmakers on capitol hill say they are working to protect artist rights. a little change expected, but i do see a gradual warm-up coming your way.
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we have video proof that dogs are more than just man's best friend. these two friends were out in the backyard of their home when at some point smokey fell into the pool. he tries to get his buddy to swim back over, that is when he jumps in, swims over and uses his body to push them up and out of the water. the owners are praising the hero doll, thank you maybe a crazy pup, but he has a heart of gold. we have had a cool and breezy one.
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the cloud cover did pull back just a bit better than what we had yesterday. we will have partly cloudy skies as we get into your evening hours and it will roll back in and we will be covered with clouds beginning your wednesday morning. temperatures in the 60s outside right now. a pretty day, you can see we had more sunshine than what we had yesterday. even with the sunshine the onshore breeze is blowing quite strong. if you are going to see the giants play it is going to be cool and it is going to be breezy. clouding up as we get into the evening. so while we are dealing with the cool cloudy onshore breeze, take a look at what is going on over areas of the seattle's --
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sierras and northern california. we are watching a little lightning over areas of interstate 80. a little active pattern. meanwhile sacramento down toward the bay unseasonably cool to mild weather in place. we do have partly cloudy skies over the north bay and we have those clouds filling back in as we get into the second part of the afternoon. that onshore breeze continues to push that air through the delta and some areas all the way near sacramento starting off with low clouds. the futurecast will show a little bit of a drizzle possibility. as we get into the second part of the morning it starts to thin out. we could be left with partly cloudy skies once again on wednesday. tomorrow morning temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. mostly cloudy skies. 48 degrees for santa rosa.
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52 for fremont. santa rosa looking at temperatures back into the middle 60s. it takes us a while to get there and once we get into the afternoon it is relatively mild. upper 60s to near 70s into antioch. temperatures inching up slightly. you may not even notice. 66 degrees expected for santa cruz. your extended forecast shows a minor warm-up with each passing day. friday and saturday look to be the warmest with temperatures in the low to middle 60s at the coast. at least we have some warmer weather to look forward to as we get into the start of the weekend. >> i am not complaining, but i
4:46 pm
would like for it to feel a little bit like may. a computer outage at a major health system and northern california. surgeries and other appointments have to be canceled or delayed. coming out we will have the latest. by new information in the case of 10 children found in a filthy home. police say they were strangled, shot with crossbows and even water boarded. today the mother is charged with child abuse. hear why the father -- what the father is saying about the allegations against them. next, would you move for a job and go somewhere else? would you go to a place that will give you $5000 toward a down payment on a house? you may be laughing, but we will tell you where that $5000 will go a long way after the break.
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how much would it take for you to relocate? smaller cities and rural counties are willing to pay big bucks for workers. >>reporter: there are too many workers and not enough job, here it is just the opposite. take a look at a company called advanced cabinet systems and grant county, indiana. they just cannot find enough skilled workers. so because other employees are
4:50 pm
facing this problem they are paying people to move here, $5000 toward a down payment on a house, a 20% discount on your rent. this is if you are a college graduate, you have skills. the runner of the company says he had difficulty finding enough workers. >> we have. the program has been great. it is helping to get people to small towns. >>reporter: it is called grants for grabs. you have been running this program because you need people to move here? >> absolutely, a $5000 grant for a down payment on a home is a huge difference. anything that we can do. >>reporter: this community is not alone. other communities around the midwest, st. clair county michigan will pay $16,000 toward your student loan. north platte, nebraska will pay
4:51 pm
$5000. and in hamilton, ohio, student loans up to $5000. in one town in iowa they will give you free land to purchase a home. a booming economy in america, difficulty finding skilled workers. if you need a job, where do you need to move? city officials are doing something a bit different at this year's race. alert sf is asking runners to sign up for emergency text alerts. participants contacts the phrase 'b2bff' to 888-777. the race is set for next sunday at 8 am. by they are bold, right, and sometimes stubborn. they are the biggest had turners at any royal wedding.
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according to the official royal wedding invitation hats are a requirement and often costing as much as $400. when it comes to planning a look at is the hat and not the dress the takes precedent. >> it is much easier to match addressed to a hat than the other way around. it is more of a fashion thing to show what kind of rate file your past. >> hats and fascinated, different shapes and sizes. each can make its own statement, but they are rule. experts say no guest should wear a hat larger than the mother of the bride. tom wolfe has died. from 1965-1981 he published nine nonfiction books including the electric kool-aid acid test. he would also and confront
4:53 pm
social issues. he died yesterday at the age of 88. he is survived by his wife and two children. the senate hold a star- studded music hearing. we are in washington, i have the details coming up.
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today president donald trump spoke at the 37th annual national peace officers memorial service honoring officers who died in the line of duty. he was joined by vice president mike pence after he spoke to lay a flower at a memorial wreath honoring those that lost their life. laster, 109 police officers were killed while they were on duty. the tribute also included a rollcall with a reading of all of the officers names. >> today, we pay tribute to law enforcement heroes. and that is what they are, heroes, who gave their life in the line of duty. they made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in safety and peace. >> president john f kennedy proclaimed may 15 as national police officer memorial day. as revenue from digital music continues to climb, lawmakers are trying to figure out the best way for the law to keep up. >> congress is looking into taking steps to change the way
4:57 pm
that music is licensed in hopes of protecting artists. >> reporter: between apple music and the dozens of other services, chances are you get at least some of your music online. but are the artist and labels who created that music getting paid? that is a question being asked by congress that they consider the music modernization act, a bill that would update current music licensing laws resulting in greater protection and higher profits for the artist. said the law has attempted to play catch-up as the industry has changed, resulting in a patchwork of music copyright and licensing laws that often fall short. >> reporter: the bill also attempts to fight music piracy while improving the access for consumers, a top priority for many of the artists who testified, including motown legend smokey robinson advocating for greater protection for legacy artists whose careers stretch back in the 50s and 60s. >> there are a lot of people,
4:58 pm
and a whole lot of them who are not as fortunate or as blessed as i am to have a continuing career. >> reporter: the bill also draws support from industry executives to say that all music should be treated equally, no matter where it is being played. >> it is a practical real-world narrowly tailored solution with overwhelming support. >> reporter: the act cell to the house with unanimous support. in the senate, it is 17 cosponsors, but it is unclear when the bill will come to the floor for a vote. i am not an animal and i am not a torturer. >> a father speaks out from behind bars about allegations of child abuse and his northern california home. tonight, he is being held on $5 million bail, and now his wife is also facing charges of child abuse. good evening, i am julie
4:59 pm
haener. >> i am frank somerville. there is new information in the case of 10 children found inside of a filthy home in fairfield . prosecutors have now charged their mother with child abuse and save their children were strangled, shot with cross bows, and even water boarded. the children's father is speaking out from behind bars, and our crime reporter is in fairfield tonight, and yesterday, the mother strongly denied all of the allegations, and what is the father saying tonight? >> reporter: he said that he is also the victim of false charges and his children have been brainwashed. but the district attorney said he tortured his children and his wife to part in the abuse herself. >> this will pass. whether their minds understand now or later. >> reporter: to tears, jonathan allen said he does not belong
5:00 pm
behind bars and neither he nor his wife abuse their children. he said his children are being fed lies. >> they are saying this because they are brainwashed and still children. >> reporter: but the 40s say alan and his wife, ina rogers, both to part in abusing their children. they were shot by bb guns and water boarded as punishment. some of the children suffered broken arms, but allen said his household is a household of love and investigators are giving him a bad name. >> they have a normal life. i gave everything to these children. my everything! let the police demonize me all the way down to the names that i picked for my children. >> reporter: info police say the family's home was filled with spoiled food and human and animal feces.


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